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Many pictures & goodness therebringing

We hung a bunch of pictures up in the house tonight, and they look faboo. The following people now represent in the red room (in no particular order):

Grandmom, Dad, me, Mom, pinoyboytoy, Evil Sister, Christina, Bobby, Good Sister, Mindy, Gary Kyan, Matthew, Steve, Silvia, Kai, Richard, Ty, Derek, Jose, Edward, Brian, adventdragon, David, Michael, magus_nascitur, minotaurs, caprine, tinyhand, thomasm, paranoyd, duckflambe, Uncle, Widder, Mountain Man Neil, udman, Biran, Bill, Gabbo, Stanton, Glenn, Mickey Mouse, James (at work), Tam, & Giang, all taken in a variety of settings, including Kings Dominion, Disneyland, gaming, parties, coffee, home, and all over the place on my many travels.

For those who aren't, it's not that I don't love you, it's that I ran out of frames. More to come, no doubt. :)
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