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A death in the family

As I'm sure many people have read already, John Inman passed away. A great pity - the man was a very, very funny guy, and by all accounts a great person. And although "Menswear," and "I'm free!" will be what he's remembered for, I'll remember he was far funnier than just a couple of simple catchphrases. I'll always take a moment to watch "Are You Being Served?" if I see it on TV.

Otherwise, Q is off on his ski trip, so I'm being a bum tonight. This weekend I've got to do some cleaning and straightening up, plus take care of some bills - and, of course, play some City of Heroes. :) Next week is spring break at work, so it should be fairly quiet, and we have Friday off. Friday night we're having his aunt and uncle (the one who sold us the house) over for dinner for a little one-year anniversary party. Not sure when Q starts the new job, but he should also be finished with the Navy next Friday as well, thank goodness. Mom called and it looks like next weekend we'll head up to get the truck finally.

And that's about it. :)
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