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When did everything get so booooooriiiiiing?

A wonderfully dull weekend. :) Spent most of it sleeping, playing City of Heroes, or watching some stuff on TiVo, including some Doctor Who (old and new series), South Park, and Oprah on Ellen and Ellen on Oprah.

We've decided we don't watch enough movies, and got a few for Christmas, so we finally sat down and watched The Devil Wears Prada on Friday night.

All in all, I liked it, and I appreciate why Meryl Streep was nominated - she brought some depth to what could have been a wholly two-dimensional character if played by someone else. Her eyes said everything the character wanted, even needed to say, but couldn't. I enjoyed both the comedic and the tragic aspects of her character.

I am, however, ticked off at the rest of the cast, or rather, how the characters treat the main character, Andy. Here she is, giving the chance to work at a prestigious magazine in a job that is stated several times "a million girls would die for." So when the job is actually just as hard and stressful and time-consuming as it's expected to be, suddenly her boyfriend hates her and her friends are saying, "You're not the Andy I knew." Well DUH! She's working at a cutthroat job that will eventually open doors for her to have a thriving career.

Perhaps the director just didn't do a good enough job of showing us exactly how her life is affected, i.e., working at all hours, missing a LOT of gatherings or dates, etc., but the first time we see her friends reacting to her job, what do they do? They steal her phone when it rings, even though she's obviously upset about them doing it, and then mock her when she gets mad at them. Sorry, but if I had an important job, one that was crucial to my career, I'd be pretty damned serious about it, too, and would just as quickly call my friends a bunch of assholes, because that's what they were.

Now, yes, she missed her boyfriend's birthday party, but again, this seemed like a pretty big deal - attending a huge gathering with a multitude of professionals in her field. And then for her to turn down an opportunity to meet an editor as she was leaving, which I think was foolish of the character to do, is something that her boyfriend should have understood. Instead, he gives her the silent treatment and treats her like dirt for pursuing her career. Should he have been disappointed? Well yes. Should he have forgiven her? Yes. And yet, by the end, they've essentially broken up (or are getting back together, it wasn't clear).

My hope at the end of the film was that she realized there could be a balance between work and life, but that both were important to her own personal goals. Did she go overboard? Yes, but in a lot of ways, her job really did demand it (reasonably or not). But just as equally I see her friends having treated her pretty poorly given how hard she was obviously working to succeed.

Q's last day is Wednesday, then he's going away for the weekend. w00t! Home alone, baby! :D

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