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Who was I again?

Work has been kicking my butt, plus we've been busy lately, hence the lack of udpates. But here's one for ya. :D

Q and I didn't really do anything special for Valentine's Day - he thinks it's a waste of time, and we didn't have much money anyway, so we just had a nice dinner at home. Yay!

He's been diligently job hunting, and so far things are looking good (at least in the "he'll be gainfully employed" department, if not the "he'll be gainfully employed doing something he really wants to do" department). 2 weeks to go before he's out! (Alas, he still has 3 years of inactive reserves, but we're not thinking about that right now.)

Work for me has been busy in the "everything is a priority so do everything NOW" department, which I'm not liking one bit. I'm hoping with a little dose of reality my new boss will come to realize that she's being just a smidge unreasonable (but we'll see).

Over the weekend we headed up to Philly for what turned out to be a fag-hag-i-licious weekend. My hag, nazcr, came up from Florida to visit her sister, while Q's hag, Bobbi, came down from New York to visit after our aborted trip to visit her last month. She brought her delightful sister, and a friend of theirs from med school who lives in Philadelphia tagged along as well, plus we brought our friend Derek up with us.

Friday was just getting there and seeing Mom. Saturday we went into the city to meet everyone for lunch. We got there early and stopped off at Giovanni's Room, Philadelphia's GLBT bookstore, and who should be working there but the delightful-in-person mroctober! He recognized Q from the various pictures I've posted, and I was delighted to be able to pick up his new book, Vintage, which he signed for me. Yay books! Yay unexpected author friends! :D

From there we went and had lunch at Moriarty's, then saw Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell before getting some coffee and heading back to our respective abodes. While changing to head out for dinner, Lee (henceforth known as defenestr8or since we finally convinced him to get an LJ) called and decided to join us for dinner and clubbing.

We all met up at a new hip sushi place called pod, which was highly overrated - 2 hours to get a table, an overpriced menu, an a waitress with attitude, but I hear the sushi was good (I got chicken and potatoes myself), and we sat in one of the pods and the boys had fun changing the colors (and giving me a headache).

Needless to say I wasn't too thrilled about going to Pure, but they had a prom theme going on and Q wore his tux and the girls all wore dresses, so I was stuck. Fortunately they didn't stay until all hours, but having to pay a large cover and not being able to buy drinks (they are a "membership only" club in order to stay open after hours) didn't exactly help.

Sunday Q and Derek met up with the girls in center city, but I stayed home to try and help Mom get some stuff done around the house (which I didn't really do, since we didn't have a drill and we needed one for almost everything that needed doing). Instead we went food shopping, and the Medians came over en masse - Steve and Chris, Tommy and Jason, Carl, suba_al_hadid, defenestr8or, and of course our guest of honor nazcr, plus Q, Derek, Bobbi and her sister. T'was quite fun, Mom made a lot of food, and Naz made the wonderful announcement that she's been dating someone - yay! No doubt we'll scare him off when we finally get introduced to him, but in the meantime, yay! :D

Finally kicked them all out around 1 and went to bed. Q and Derek got up early Monday and met the girls at King of Prussia Mall (noting that Q is mad at me for never before having taken him to this shopping extravaganza). Mom and I drove up a little later, met them for lunch at California Pizza Kitchen, then Bobbi and her sister hit the road while we shopped for a new outfit for Q's upcoming interviews. We finally got out of there, stopped off at Mom's, and hit the road, getting home around 9:30 or so.

So it's back to work, busy busy busy, with not much time for anything else. Played a little City of Heroes here and there, including a fun time meeting up with Doug the Troll (I was both Philip da Troll in the leather harness, and the Anti-Doug in the suit and hat). Tonight we're heading up to Waldorf, and either this weekend or next weekend we're finally supposed to get the truck - yay! And right after he gets out Q is heading to a ski weekend, so I'll be able to enjoy a nice quiet weekend home "arresting" bad guys. Yay!

Other than that, you know, boring life as usual. :P

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