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The holiday spirit

Well, I put up the decorations at work, I bought my plane ticket home, we had our first holiday party at work (I'll probably go to about 5 or so before the holiday), I've started buying Christmas presents (even though I'm broke, but the nieces and nephews must be appeased by cool Uncle Alan), I started pulling out the decorations at home, tomorrow I'm breaking out my various Christmas CD's (although I've been listening to the Christmas music station on the radio for a while now), and today I got a call from Steve that really put me in the spirit, making me excited to be heading home.

So I'm offically ready for Christmas. :D

Sadder news, though, is that Natalie's giving birth to a brother or sister (or something) for Vernon (read: she's having unidentifiable gastrointenstinal problems, but we're convinced she's gestating alien babies, like the last time this happened to her, which is how she got Vernon in the first place, her charming alien baby that I "adopted" for her from Spencer Gifts a couple of years ago). She's in the hospital and they're doing some tests - again - so I have to call her tonight to see how she's doing. I'm sure she'll be out by Christmas, but this can't be fun. (Buck up, kiddo! I'll get you a code for an LJ account so you can tell us all the gory details!)

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