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An update

I suppose I should give a more substansive update, eh?

Last week was blah. I took the train up to Philly Tuesday night, and Wednesday was my Great Aunt Ethel's funeral, which was nice, even if the minister took the opportunity of the eulogy to give us a quick lesson in Aramaic, and then interrupt the family's reminiscing with his own stories. Yeah. But the luncheon afterwards was quite nice, and everyone had nothing but kind, warm and funny things to say about her. "The General" will be missed by everyone. Afterwards I took the train back, so I only had to take one day off from work.

The week in general, and the week before that, were quiet at work, as our boss was out on vacation and a conference. He's back today, but really even when he's here it's not so bad (although he's a kind of "here do this random thing that I just thought of and will never follow up with you about again" kind of manager at times). I'm settling in nicely with my co-workers (and settling in moreso now that the other job fell through), and they're an ok bunch.

Last week was terribly cold, and then suddenly on Saturday it was like 60 degrees, so I washed the car and took down all the Christmas lights (and stood agog on our roof looking at the devastation of the construction behind our house that has levelled all the woods - so very, very sad). I spent the entirety of the rest of the weekend playing City of Heroes, and despite my frustration over the lag on Saturday, I managed 2 levels, and I'm halfway to 40, plus met a few people on Liberty I'd team with again in a second (one of which even engaged me in a protracted, positive conversation about why I think the expression "that's so gay" is inappropriate).

So this week will likely be equally as blah. Q is working late this week, which causes problems with the car situation. I had a line on a used car in really good shape, but the kid selling it is really dragging his heels, so I might just head to a local car dealer and see what they can do for me. We're in this weekend, but planning a trip to Philly in a few weeks to visit with nazcr, who will be in town from Florida, and meet up with our friend from Albany from the aborted trip two weekends ago.

And that's... My Gorgeous Life! :D
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