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Ah, that must be it...

I think I need to start updating later in the day, when my west coast friends finally get into work and have time to reply. :)

Anywho, had a lovely weekend. Saturday we had our Christmas party for our friends here1, so Friday night was spent Christmas and food shopping, plus cleaning the house. Had to run out to pick up a little something for the Qster Saturday morning when he wasn't looking2, and spent the afternoon getting to know our new crock pot3. We had about 10 folks over for much merriment and gift exchanging. I got quite a few things on my wish list - Batman Begins, season 1 of The Muppet Show, season 4 of Family Guy, season one of Noah's Arc, a legit copy of Greg The Bunny, the soundtrack to Wicked, Taylor Hicks' new album, the previously mentioned City of Villains, a very nice new suede jacket, and a gift card to Outback, plus previously Q had gotten me Trivial Pursuit - Totally 80's and Over The Hedge. Our gifts were also well received, which is good.

Unfortunately, despite my requests not to overindulge, a few people did, and drama ensued - broken hearts, jealous tempers, short fuses, catfights, embarassments, grudges, and someone getting sick in the guest room. Yeah. Good times. :/ Still, t'was good fun to get everyone together, since, as sometimes happens with military friends, one by one our group is slowly getting smaller4.

Sunday was spent recovering and finally taking down the Christmas decorations. Monday I had the option of taking a holiday, but I knew it would be slow so I figured I'd just go in and slack. Today, however, is busy, as it's the first day back and all.

Not a lot of plans for the week, although this weekend we're taking a day trip to Albany, which I'm not too thrilled about, but that's another story entirely. Ugh.

So what's new with you? :P

1Yes, Christmas - we decided to wait and celebrate when we all actually had time and money to do it right.
2I got him The Sims 2 - he said he wanted it, and I figured if he's going to complain that I play too much CoH (and he does - often), at least this way we can waste time together in the same room.
3My first roast beef! Turned out good, too. Mmmm...
4One to Virginia, one to Afghanistan, one got "laid off" by us, one got kicked out and went home, etc.
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