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Villains ahoy!

Well, I gave into yet another devil last night - started playing City of Villains, which a friend got me as a Christmas gift (as much for himself as for me as he can only play CoV/CoH on my computer).

I played it in beta more than a year ago, and it's a good game (the mechanics of course are the same as City of Heroes, but with some obvious differences, including a few interesting powersets, like being able to have pets from the get-go), but my passion I think still lies with CoH (and, much to jsciv's shame, still not with World of Warcraft, although I still very much appreciate his gift of a year's membership to give it a try). I just like being a superhero more than a villain, and I like the genre better than fantasy.

So, yeah. More things to take me away from the long list of things we need to do around the house (not to mention the new alt characters I recently created on CoH now that I have veteran costume rewards like trenchcoats and wings). Ah, sweet slacking! :D (I'll post pics of some of my new villains soon - in the meantime, check out my gallery of heroes.)

P.S. Forgot to mention I finally got around to exploring supergroup bases - neat! I got a few items unlocked as veteran bonuses, so the place is starting to look good. I'm going for an eastern Asian feel, but looking over my shoulder, Q's decided he wants to decorate the place himself. Hmphf. Typical - I earn the prestige, he spends it all. ;)


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Jan. 10th, 2007 05:11 pm (UTC)
I really did enjoy City of Heroes and played it fairly often for a solid year. I jumped on City of Villains when it came out and liked it well enough but didn't find it significantly different from CoH. I no longer maintain an active account and I've started playing Diablo II again. There's something to be said for an old-fashioned game that I can play solo without a monthly fee. That said, I'll probably fall into the WoW whirlpool at some point, but for now I'm resisting!

Btw, my main hero was Sequoia and my main villain Creeping Kudzu. My guess is someone glommed onto the hero name since my account is gone, but the villain name may still be available if I ever sign up again! Andrew recently started playing again.
Jan. 10th, 2007 05:34 pm (UTC)
Re: gaming
I remember talking to you about it, but I don't think I ever ran into you in-game. I do believe I saw Andrew once, though. I'll have to team up with him sometime. :)

The power sets are somewhat different, which are fun to play with, but functionally the game is, indeed, the same - get missions, fight enemies, level up.

I also started playing with my supergroup's base for the first time last night - fun! Now Quincy wants to redecorate! :D

And I always liked Diablo, too. I never got II, though - I'll have to pick up the battle chest sometime.
Jan. 10th, 2007 07:39 pm (UTC)
So City of Villains is a whole seperate MMORPG from City of Heroes? Wouldn't it make more sense to have the Super Heroes fighting the Super Villains? I mean...that is what they do, yes?
Jan. 10th, 2007 07:52 pm (UTC)
Seperate *and* together. It's by the same company, and you can play both games for the cost of one, and you can even launch either game from the same login screen, but you can either play in one world (all heroes fighting NPC villains, or villains fighting NPC heroes, or fighting each other in the Arenas), or you can go to certain zones (like Warburg) where PC heroes can fight PC villians, or even a zone (Pocket D) where PC heroes and villains can hang out, but no fighting allowed. And, obviously, the gameplay, universe structure, etc. is all the same, although there are differences between the hero and villain power sets and archetypes.

So, basically, two games in one, depending on your mood that day. ;)
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