Esprix (esprix) wrote,

Christmas starts early

Q had a half day yesterday so he took the car, and when he came to pick me up we were going to eat on campus but they're closed for the break, which was a bummer. We headed up to Waldorf so he could get his comics, then we ate at Old Country Buffet and picked up some stuff at Target and the grocery store.

Today is our office holiday party, so I brought chili and rice for the pot luck and a Hickory Farms assortment for the white elephant exchange. I came in to a lovely amaryllis on my desk from the big boss, which is good since we've been talking about more plants in the house.

The rest of this week is figuring out what to get all the kids and my family, shopping, and then actually getting up to Philly for the weekend. Q's on a weird schedule this week, but hopefully he'll get off early Friday so we can get a jump on travel.
Tags: christmas, food, gifts, shopping, travel, work

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