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Bait and switch, baby!

First, I hook you in with a picture of a cute kitten!

Then, I give you a boring update:

Q had his office Christmas party Friday night, but I just dropped him off and went home to play CoH, and then when I picked him up we drove straight up to DC for a friend's Christmas party, which was fun, but mostly not. Then they decided to go clubbing, but Grandpa wasn't having any of it, so I went over to our friend Edward's and went to bed.

Saturday we were supposed to just get up and go in the morning, but it turns out Edward really needed our help moving after all (after he said he had movers to do it all) - like someone to actually drive the truck help. So we ended up spending all day in the endeavour, but it's all good (we owe him a few anyway), and I got some more CoH in after we got home. Sunday was spent with much slothing, and friends came over later to hang out.

Today was my interview. It went really well. I'm hopeful.

Short week this week - I have Friday, next week, and the following Monday off, so it's off to Mom's for Christmas, and then back here for New Year's.

That's all. Now go look at the kitten again. You know you want to!

P.S. I am coming to loathe the children in our neighborhood (with the exception of our immediately next door neighbors, who are good kids). Whilst away for the weekend they managed to steal and switch out several bulbs on my Christmas lights, frying two strings of them in the process. Much not happiness. Urge to kill... rising...

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