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First post from work!

And the slacking begins. :P

(Actually, we're fairly busy here, but it's nice to be able to take a break and post from time to time.)

Looking forward to this weekend. Tonight I'm hoping to do some serious slacking playing CoH (there's been a major upgrade and I want to check it out). Tomorrow I'm hoping to finish the Christmas lights on the house, get a few more pieces of furniture put together, I have a haircut in the afternoon, and then I'm having my "Sayonara Suckers!" party for my friends and (now ex) co-workers. :)

Quincy is spending quality time with an old friend (read: clubbing in DC) this weekend, so I'm probably going to drive up Sunday to pick him up, and possibly take along a friend and do yet another Ikea trip (we don't have much more to buy, and it'll probably have to wait until after my first paychecks start coming in, but our friend needs our Ikea expertise to help him get some stuff).

Otherwise, not much else is going on. Maybe now that I'm behind a desk again all day I'll be able to catch up with LJ and some of your lives, and I really do miss being able to do that.

OK, back to work - putting up Christmas decorations. ;)
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