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A most incredible weekend

Friday morning was nice and quiet, and then AMB came back from her trip for a meeting. I ducked out early to catch the trolley to the Convention Center for Comic-Con to make it in time for the queer panel discussion (and thanks to Michael Mason and LASFS for the free badge). Met Quincy, Bobbie, their friend Becky, Bill and CJ at the panel and plugged Gaylaxicon, and got some pretty positive reaction, so it was worth the trip. Afterwards we all went to Seaport Village for dinner, although on the way Bobbie's blood sugar was crashing and she was tired and cranky and evidently my effervescent personality annoyed the crap out of her, so I avoided her for the rest of the night (frankly, I get that way sometimes, too, so I understand). We all trollied back to Fashion Valley and Hazard Center, changed at Q's, and they dragged me out to Rich's (the one good thing being that I discovered what a great dancer Q is - fun to watch!). I stayed overnight at Q's. He's such a babe. :)

Saturday we got up early because Q had to go to training at the Youth Center, and I headed home and finally watched Office Space, which hit a little too close to home (even working in academia vs. corporate America). Found out Friday from Bill that I had to attend a Pride parade safety meeting at 1:00, so I went to that at the Center, then grabbed lunch and took the trolley back to the con. I had a short list of things I needed to do before the second queer panel:

~ Went to see Joe Phillips to connect about G'con. He was in Artist Alley and doing a sketch for someone, and we chit-chatted a bit. I'm not sure what else I'm going to ask him to do pre-con (program cover, staff portraits, t-shirt, etc.), but I think he'd be willing. I'll have to discuss with Allison, Shaun, et al. He's still a nifty guy, although my next step is to find a list of his comics work (which is huge), as he doesn't have any himself. It would also be good to work with a comics dealer who'd be at the con on this.

~ Stopped by the Prism Comics booth and met some of the movers and shakers there. They exist to promote queer artists and their work, and are eager to work with us at G'con. Great bunch of folks. (They're mostly the same folks who are behind The Gay League, an organization for queer comics fans, who are also interested in working with us.)

~ After the queer panel started I ducked out to grab Scott Kurtz (of PvP fame) to nag him about the artwork he's owed me since January 2002. Well, I certainly succeeded in making him feel guilty - not only did he try to give me back my money, but he started to do the artwork right there while I waited. Unfortunately, I really couldn't as I didn't have time, and I refused to take my money back (he's an artist and I'll be damned if I don't get my artwork), so he gave me his home and cell numbers (!) and said to contact him after con and he'd do up something "very special" for me (he also insisted I take a bunch of books he had there, including "Striptease" and the new Image #3, both signed). What I ordered was Brent being mauled by the giant panda while Francis leaned in saying, "Gaaaay!" Since he figured out I was queer, he actually asked me if that was offensive, and I said it wasn't - not only is it appropriate whenever Francis says it (which is always when two guys are being heartfelt to each other, like Brent and Cole, rather than using it as a pejorative), but I also know that Scott is laughing with us, not at us. He seemed to appreciate my input, and that just makes me think he's even more of a terrific guy and artist. I'm looking forward to the final product, once I finally actually get it!

So I went back to the panel w/Q, Bill & Sandra, and again talked up the con to some very positive response. We also donated a free membership, which a cute little lesbian from central California won. Gave away all the flyers I brought with me, networked with a bunch of folks (Buzz magazine, the guys who made "Killer Bunnies," one of the editors from Noodle magazine, some costumers, lots of San Diego locals, etc.), and just really had a great time and generated some very positive buzz. I also took a moment to encourage Q's inner fanboy and introduce him to one of his favorite artists, Phil Jiminez.

Q, Becky and Bobbie wanted to stay for the masquerade, so I hooked up with Bill and Michael Lovitz ("the Lawyer" from many, many moons ago) and some of his friends and we ended up skipping the homo dinner at Momo's and opted for some great Italian food in the Gaslamp at Bella Luna, which Michael introduced me to the last time I saw him and Mark at Comic-con. T'was quite fun, topped off with dessert at Ghiradelli's - YUM!

At this point, Q, Becky and Bobbie caught up with us, and suddenly we had Becky's boyfriend and his brother in tow. Seems they came down from L.A. for the con and to see Becky. Isn't that nice? Unfortunately, they took the train down, which means they had no way of getting home (at this point it was past midnight). And it was Comic-con weekend, which means every hotel from downtown to Oceanside was booked. And they hadn't made any hotel reservations. And they had no car to get there anyway, so Becky would have had to drive them. And they never bothered to tell her they were coming down. And the brother hates Becky for no known reason, and they always fight.

Can you say drama, boys and girls? Oy.

So by the time they were all finished fighting in the middle of the Gaslamp, we decided that we just needed to get on the trolley to get to our cars and figure out what to do from there. It was at that point that we discovered the trolleys had stopped running and we were stranded at the Convention Center.

Sitcoms should be so funny.

After much map-reading and stressing, I figured out we could take a shuttle to one of the local hotels that would put us relatively close to the 163. From there we could take cabs to Hazard Center and it shouldn't be too expensive between three people in a cab. By the time we caught the bus, caught a cab, got to Hazard Center, got in our cars and made it back to Quincy's, it was 3:00 a.m. (Oh, and did I mention that as the cab pulled up to drop us off, the trolley pulled into the station?!?! ARGH!) And the topper? Becky, boyfriend and brother decided to drive through Hotel Circle just to see if they could find something, and when they didn't, they just decided to drive back to L.A. It was not pretty, and I'm sure Becky was livid for days. But Q and I had a nice night together, even if he did keep falling asleep on me. :) He's such a cute li'l bug!

So Sunday I got up, finally met Q's other housemate, Oscar, and headed home to make it to the LYC pot luck by noon. Of course, on the way home I realized that I didn't have the pot luck supplies to bring with me and started calling around to find out who had them from the last pot luck (which I'd missed). Yudi said Pat had them. Pat said Peter had them. Peter said Yudi had them. I wasn't amused. After racing home, grabbing the stuff and just accepting the fact that I would be late (and the last time I was late to a pot luck they started eating before I got there and yelled at me for not being on time with the plates and stuff), Yudi called and said that, yes, he'd had them in his car and forgot. Add that to the fact that he changed the Saturday night restaurant for no apparent reason (which they always seem to do when I'm not there - why do we bother to pick them every month if they're just going to go wherever anyway?), and Princess Andy called at the last minute asking for the address, directions, what he should bring, what he should wear, and what goes best with his eyes, I was ready to take an AK-47 to the lot of them (and Yudi was going to be the first one up against the wall). Fortunately, not only did they hold off on devouring the food until after I got there, but Peter and Pat basically threw together enough stuff to make sure everyone had a plate, cup and fork. Ugh.

Still, it was a nice, fun pot luck. Some of Paul & El's friends were there, so we might even have a few new members. All the swimming took it out of me, though - I was beat (although it was good to see Yudi, as he'd been gone for two weeks for training in Rochester). Q had gone to see T3 with his housemates and Bobbie, so I went home and took a nap, got up to eat, and then went back to bed, which was just what I needed.

So yesterday was work, and since Q had choir practice I just did laundry and caught up on e-mail and stuff. Bobbie left early this morning (didn't get a chance to say goodbye, unfortunately), and after work I'm supposed to (finally) go pick up the ceramics we painted like a month ago. Tonight I'm planning on making dinner for Q and then maybe we'll fuck like rabid weasels in heat. :D

Tomorrow night is Q's concert with the San Diego Men's Chorus, and then Thursday night I need to meet up with Yudi and Peter to get ready for the LYC booth at Pride.

At some point I need to hook up with Bill to make sure we're set for the G'con booth (probably Friday), plus I want to spend time with both Yudi and Daniel (who's been having a rough week, I'm sure) before I take off next week for Pennsic.

And, of course, this weekend is Pride, which I'm stressing over. I only have 3 definites to march, and that's not much of a contingent. Plus I have to get the banners from Adam.

After this past weekend and what I know is coming this weekend, Pennsic never looked so good (although I'm not looking forward to two weeks without Quincy).

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