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An old friend and ex of mine just joined, so we linked up as friends. I looked through my Gallery, and was amazed - it looked like either an Asian gay porn catalog, or at the very least a gay men's fashion magazine. My god, these are some extremely good-looking people! I have friends with extraordinarily good taste.

And yet, I kept thinking, "Yeah, but they're not Quincy."


Anywho, the boss comes back in this afternoon, then I gotta leave early to park and get the trolley down to Comic-Con in time for the queer panel at 5:30 (where I'll meet up with Q), then we're all doing dinner and probably Rich's, and then I'm going to stay over his place.

Tomorrow it's up early for him (and maybe I'll actually get some stuff done at home, like watching "Office Space" before I have to return it to Blockbuster), then the other queer panel and reception at 5:30. I do need to hit the convention floor at one point to bug Scott Kurtz for the artwork I comissioned from him in January 2002, and to visit Joe Phillips' and Prism Comics' booths to make sure they have flyers for Gaylaxicon. Then Sunday is the pot luck.

And next week is Pride. And then Pennsic. UGH, but yay! I can't wait to take a vacation - it's been a while since I had some real downtime for myself, and nothing - NOTHING - beats my annual battery recharge.

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