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The addiction begins anew

You know, it's the little things you miss sometimes. Like power levelling two levels in one night. :)

Anywho, work has been so amazingly horrible, it's kind of shocking in its own way. The search continues for the next big thing, and a few interviews have so far been productive (and more are coming), so we'll see what happens.

Today Q and I celebrated a Friday the 13th anniversary. Aw. Him so cute. :)

Friends are creating the drah-mah llah-mah from hell. Tell me, when you meet someone for 3 days in person, talk to them for a year and a half, and suddenly decide that them moving halfway across the country, with no job or prospects, to live with you as your boyfriend, why do you think your friends are screaming, "BAD IDEA!" at you? And why do you look shocked - shocked! - at our slackjawed reaction when you actually do it? And why do you look equally shocked - shocked! - when we don't act surprised when you break up after 3 days?

Sometimes, your friends actually know what they're talking about. I know, rue the day and all, but still...

So, yeah. Amused, if horrified. Story of my life. :P
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