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Weekend wrap-up

Had a lovely weekend with friends, for the most part. The gang came over Friday night, and I was much amused watching them all get drunk (and a couple of them throw up). Started a fire in the chimnea for the first time, which was good timing 'cause it was a bit nippy out. Watched a rather large spider spin its web outside. Gary brought a trick over and proceeded to embarass himself immensely in front of said trick (bad Gary!). Edward came down but was in a very odd mood and was obsessing over the weirdest, most insignificant stuff, and refused to be told otherwise (which is sad since we invited him down to help him de-stress a bit). Much merry-making and sleepovers were had (it's good to have that spare room).

Saturday Jose had to head back home to DC, and the rest of us got ourselves ready and headed to the county fair. (Yes, I said county fair - goats, cows, pigs, tractor pulls, the works.) It was amusing, for what it was. We went to see our friend Matthew perform in his dance troupe, and then we ate and wandered around a bit. I played skee ball, but didn't ride any rides. We ran into our new lesbian friend Ro and she came back to the house with us and we watched Hedwig and the Angry Inch, which was just as interesting the second time around.

Sunday Q ran 20 miles in preparation for a marathon he's doing in DC at the end of the month. After he got back we drove a highly jittery Edward back to his place in DC (he had a colonoscopy this morning and he was all a-twitter about it, but everything looks ok so far), then Q, Derek and I went shopping at a mall in Fairfax, ate at Boston Market, came home and relaxed.

Tonight we cashed in on a free dinner at Cici's Pizza, and we plan on redeeming our free Chik-Fil-A coupons we got at the fair soon (and with 5 coupons, I'm looking forward to many yummy meals). I'm hoping to hear some good news this week, so keep your fingers crossed for me. :) I'm also jonesing for some CoH soon, so we'll see...
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