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Me, Pennsic, Dad, stress n' stuff

Boy, am I blond! But the roots will grow in by the time I get to Pennsic, and that'll look cool. :D

Speaking of, I bought my plane ticket today. $237 - not too bad, but I was hoping for an even $200. Still, as I told Q last night, no more dinners out this month. Thank goodness I'm paid up on rent and I won't be making any large payments on my laptop next month - I'll be able to actually enjoy Pennsic, and, with any luck, still might have enough left over to go to Worldcon in Toronto over Labor Day (but I'm not holding my breath). I hate being poor. :(

I realized I'd completely forgotten to update about Dad. He was in ICU for two days last week after the surgery on Monday, but everything's been going exceedingly well. Physical therapy has been good, and he even had a movement. ("Yay! Dad took a shit!" Now we're waiting for him to fart. We're an odd family. :D ) The down side is he had an "episode" of confusedness Saturday morning, and again Sunday night, plus Mom's been having a couple of really bad days. :(

Seems he called home around 7:00 am on Saturday asking my mother where she was, and she calmed him down. He woke up disoriented and confused. Then she gets up, and something went wrong, I forget what, then the dishwasher overflowed, and then something else happened, and the poor soul was mopping the kitchen floor while crying her eyes out. We laugh about it now, but she said the stress had finally gotten to her (never mind that a couple of weeks ago she fell into a bush and scraped up her leg enough to warrant a tetanus shot). She's ok now, though. Then Sunday my nephew came over to mow the lawn and bent the lawnmower blade on a tree stump, and then a pipe burst on the filter for the pool, so they called a friend of my dad's to fix it. Again, it was like, "What next?!?!" My poor mother. THEN Sunday night my dad wakes up in the middle of the night, again confused and disoriented, walks out into the hallway (after disconnecting his "bag," as I call it) calling for my mother, then gets back into bed, all the while leaking all over the place (thank god he didn't pull out his neck line!). He also didn't know what that tube was doing in his nose (which was the NG tube that kept his stomach empty while his intestines were healing - not a pleasant thing), so he pulled it out (thankfully the doctors decided it was time to come out anyway, so they didn't have to put it back in, which is thoroughly unpleasant for him). I'm assuming the nurses came in and took care of him, but it's scary. No, he's not losing his mind - evidently this is just something that happens sometimes (especially in older folks) between the surgery, stress, medication, etc. It's not quite "sundowning," but it's similar. It's doubly scary since we went through this before - he had a bout of ICU psychosis (which is when you go more than a little nuts if you've been in ICU for too long), and then they gave him Ativan when he started getting antsy after two months in the hospital and that gave him hallucinations (and some of them were quite interesting, let me tell you).

But, like I said, he's healing well, has moved from a light liquid diet to a little more substance, and he may very well be going home this weekend after 3 weeks in the hospital. Ugh. But yay!

In all honesty, all this reminds me of one of the (many) reasons I moved to California. I love my father, and I really want to be there for my mother, but the first three months - every single day - were enough for me. I did my bit for king and country, and by god it's my sisters' turn now. Lynda's been helping out, but Susan is, as usual, useless. Bah.

And to top it all off I'm busy as a bee. Of course it's Comic-con this weekend, and I'm trying to get a banner made for us. Unfortunately, Adam's mother is ill again, so he had to head back north, but he hopes to be able to help me out remotely. Then next weekend is Pride, and I'm trying to help coordinate the LYC booth, the Gaylaxicon booth, and the Gaylaxicon parade group. I'm SO GLAD I have Bill helping me with the G'con booth and Yudi and Peter helping with the LYC booth - I couldn't do it without them. (I guess I am getting to be a pretty good manager - I have people to do these things for me, and they actually do them!)

We definitely need more bodies to fill the costumes for the parade, so to that end I posted a bunch of blurbs on various e-mail lists and Yahoo Groups I'm a part of to recruit new folks, including one for Calafia. The only response I got was from some asshat who not only wants the SCA to "distance itself" from those sci-fi freaks so people will consider us a more "reputable historical reenactment organization," but also that I should keep my hobbies and my "politics" separate. I guess that means, by extension, that he doesn't approve of Clan Blue Feather (and he did say something about "disagreeing with me," which I took to mean "disagreeing with homosexuality"), nor does he appreciate that Gaylaxicon has invited the SCA to participate not only because of fan crossover, but because we cover "fantasy" lit, which many SCAdians are interested in. Criminy. {insert a rolling eyes smilie here}

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