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A crazy little update

So much going on...

  • Work is, as usual, kicking my butt. Love my co-workers (for the most part), hating the owners, and the drudgery and low pay are taking their toll. Still keeping my eyes open for something new, but the pickings are slim (although sent out quite a few resumes this week).
  • Went to Mom's for the weekend of the 4th, including a stop off for fireworks to honor the old man's traditions. Despite a short hailstorm, things went off nicely, and the kids had a ball. Was supposed to hook up with Lee and logisticslad, but, alas, didn't happen.
  • Spent the 4th at home with friends having a BBQ for Quincy's 31st birthday. T'was quite fun as I haven't BBQ'd in a long time, plus Mom got us a screen house for the back porch and I got to show off the (slow) progress of the floor.
  • The floor continues, bit by bit. I'm over half done, and expect to get almost all of it done before the weekend.
  • A friend of ours has been planning a weekend at Busch Gardens for the various July birthdays among our friends here, so that's this weekend. They may even drag me out clubbing (again).
  • I am reminded that said friend must never, ever be allowed to plan things for us again. I am also reminded that I really ought to be an event planner professionally. Or a talk show host. ;)
  • Was dragged out clubbing in DC last weekend (next to last weekend for Nation), which turned into an overnight fiasco of drama queen proportions. I do love my friends down here, but sometimes they're just a bunch of fools. :P
  • I am no longer the Speaker for the Gaylactic Network. It was an up and down 2 years, but I'm glad I did it, and I hope I did a passable job, even if I didn't accomplish everything I wanted to, and wasn't always the most active of leaders. I'm happy to see it move into new and capable hands.
  • May have concocted a plan to get my SCA garb to me in time for Pennsic, but it will require a little help from some San Diego friends. Any volunteers? :D
  • 24 days to Pennsic!
  • minotaurs bought me artwork (well, bought it in my stead). He is the r0xx0rs. This new piece has inspired me to get off my duff and get the art pimpin' biz going again. I will be making some contacts at Pennsic that should get the ball rolling (that, and Q just made a fabulous new piece that I want to show off soon).
  • My little vampire finally drew my blood after 3 years of pestering. To his credit, I didn't pass out, but I did feel woozy and required the use of a fainting couch. :D
  • Quincy's computer is still broken.
  • I have a lot to do over the next few weeks.
  • Haven't played CoH in forever (or WoW for that matter).
  • Really, really enjoyed "The Presidents" on the History channel. May get the DVD set.
  • Finally bought a pair of shorts I like on me at Aeropostale (on sale, no less).
And that's that. :D
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