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The upcoming holiday weekend

First, and most importantly...


Flooring is coming along, and looks pretty good, even with the few mistakes I've made so far. The grill is, alas, a lost cause, so we'll be stealing indefinitely borrowing one from Mom this weekend, as well as getting the screen house she bought for us that will serve as our screened in back porch. Q's computer is on the fritz - looks like the power supply is out, so we'll have to take care of that when we get back (and after I pay the bills). Lots of drama with our friends Matthew and Gary, but I have faith they will work out their dating issues (after all, Q and I had a fight our first date!). Work is work, and had a long chat with the owner about some of the problems, but I also put in my resume in a few places this week, so we'll see. Tomorrow night I pay bills, then it's off to Mom's on Saturday. Yay!
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