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Well I stayed in Monday and got some Gaylaxicon stuff done. We're gearing up for Pride, and although we're a little short on bodies to fill the costumes for the parade, we're looking pretty good for the booth. Bill's really doing a great job - I'm so glad I got him on board.

Last night we had our LYC Executive Committee meeting, which was productive. Joe is taking over as Treasurer, and Jon, a member, came just to see how we run things (possible new board member in the future, maybe?). Afterwards I met up with Quincy and Bobbie, his fag hag from New York, at City Deli for a late dinner. She's a boob hoot! We had quite a fun time sharing our east coast humor, and it's obvious Q adores her. He sent me a message later that I passed muster - whew! :D

Tonight I get my hair cut and go blond, tomorrow night is bingo at the Center, Friday night I'll hit the LGBT panel at Comic-Con and see Quincy (yay!), and I may or may not go to the con Saturday during the day, although I'll be there Saturday night for the second panel and the reception. I'm looking forward to seeing Joe as well, and hopefully he'll put out flyers on his table. Sunday is free at the moment, so I'll probably either see Q or maybe make plans with Daniel. I'd like to go see "Pirates," maybe.

We're just about ready to take on two new team members. I'm keeping my fingers crossed they pick the one I like for the Associate position, which I will directly support. AMB & Ebonye are out tomorrow and most of Friday on a trip, so maybe I'll finally finish moving into my new space.

I think that's it for now.

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