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I could fucking chew iron and spit nails.

So Daniel fills me in on what happened with Alvin the Asshole today (you can read all about it in his LiveJournal).

So, after having been out on a couple of dates, and without ever discussing the status of their relationship (i.e., are we dating exclusively), evidently Daniel is expected not to see and/or sleep with anyone else. When he does, Asshole decides he's been horribly, horribly wronged, 'cause, you know... well, actually, no, I don't know, but whatever. Of course, this comes after the first time (and notice the "first" there) he'd made plans with Daniel, then never showed or called. Daniel tows the line and says he won't be treated this way. Of course Asshole keeps telling him how much he cares for him and how much he feels for him and how much he thinks of him (except, evidently, to pick up a fucking phone) and how much he wants to spend time with him (except, evidently, to actually go spend time with him). So they take some time off, and when they finally make plans again (at Asshole's request), what happens? He stands him up AGAIN, no phone call! Yeah, I can feel the love - can't you?

Daniel agreed that maybe they could date - he and I even talked about the ramifications thereof. He was trying to be patient, wait for this guy to come around, but not get walked all over like a doormat. (And let's not even talk about Asshole abruptly signing off when they're chatting online, which pisses Daniel off and he fucking told him so, and it pisses me off, too.) So when he does it a second time, Daniel rightfully says that's it, it's over.

What does Asshole do? Plays the martyr. "Wah, I've been mistreated, my ex was a jerk to me, you don't understand me, I never meant to hurt you, BLAH BLAH BLAH FUCKING BLAH!" Daniel read me the e-mail over the phone and I was struck speechless I was so appalled and pissed and annoyed and flabbergasted and the sheer GALL of this ignorant fuck. All I want to do is get this fucker's e-mail address and shred his soul, or better yet, get his address and just punch his lights out. ARGH! STOP DOING THIS TO MY BEST FRIEND!

Daniel is evil, yes, but far more forgiving, and is trying to work with this sack of shit so he can learn something for the next time. I dunno, I'm thinking singing pigs here...

So on another note, what do you do when the creepy guy at Albertson's tries to flirt with you? Ew.

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