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What a weekend!

First, catching up on last week, Wednesday night gaming last week didn’t happen again – David stopped over for a little while but was very tired, and Ben didn’t show. Myke went and got food for everybody and everything, but we'll just hold onto it for this week.

Thursday night I had dinner and coffee with Noel. What I didn’t mention before was that he’s involved with the Imperial Court here in San Diego, having served as both Emperor and Empress. (Hey, we all have to have our hobbies. He's at least one person I can talk to about the SCA and he actually gets it, 'cause, after all, drag is drag is drag, whether it's a dress or a houpalonde. :D ) He’s stepping down at Coronation in a couple of weeks, and he’s the coordinator for all the activities surrounding it. He seems to be enjoying it, so good for him. Certainly at this point I’m not interested in seeing anyone but Quincy, but he’s a very nice guy that I enjoy hanging out with (and he’s certainly attractive), so I hope he understands when I explain that to him, as he seems to be more than a little interested in me.

Friday night Myke, John and I went to Islands for dinner, then met up with Quincy after his volunteer event for "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen," which was way wicked cool – I really enjoyed it and will look forward to getting it on DVD. Unfortunately David couldn’t make it as someone’s been making charges to his credit card and he needed to go get that taken care of. :( Quincy stayed the night. Wow. :)

Saturday we both had to get up relatively early as he had to be at the volunteer event again for work and I had to have a hotel meeting for Conjecture (which went really well). I came home, got some stuff done for the Mad Science Fair, and actually made it to LYC coffee on time for a change. Quincy stopped by for a little while, then took off when the rest of us went out to dinner. He came by later and we rented "Legally Blond," which I’ve never seen (cute, funny flick). He didn’t stay the night, tho. :(

Sunday I was up again far earlier than usual for me to hit the LYC car wash at the Center (we raised about $471), then off to an afternoon Conjecture staff meeting. Myke and John were kind enough to invite me and Quincy out to dinner. I think they’ve caught on that Quincy is soon going to be a long-term part of the family, so they have to approve of him, of course, but so far he's coming through with flying colors. We went to 94th Aero Squadron for dinner, and then I went over to Quincy’s until about 1:30 a.m. ;)

And for the record – no, we haven’t had sex yet. Isn’t that nuts? :) But I think it's safe to say that we're dating, as I have zero interest in anyone else. He is, quite simply, amazing, and although we're both quickly falling head over heels while still trying to keep our wits about us, he makes me wonderfully happy, and it looks like I'm returning the favor for him. (I could take a moment and draw all the parallels I'm finding between him and Tam, but that would make it seem like I'm either comparing them or finding a substitute for Tam, when neither is the case. I will say, though, that he does have many of the qualities and personality traits I found attractive in Tam, and find attractive in general, but he is, most assuredly, NOT Tam, and I wouldn't have it any other way. The only other thing I will say is that I haven't felt this way since Tam, which is both scary and exhilarating at the same time.)

So tonight I have no plans because the rest of the week is swamped – LYC board meeting tomorrow (and Quincy’s fag hag gal pal is coming into town for a week or so), haircut (I’m going blond again) and gaming Wednesday, bingo at the Center with LYC on Thursday, then Comic-Con this weekend with a queer panel Friday night and Saturday night, and hopefully some time to actually attend the convention (comics aren’t my big thing, although Myke and John always bring home some neat stuff, and Quincy is a huge comics fan and this will be his first one). Then next weekend is Pride. Then the following weekend I leave for Pennsic. OY! Although I will miss Quincy terribly, I'm definitely looking forward to a vacation. I even bought a tent from a co-worker on Friday - yay!

Still not sure what I’m going to do about Juan’s e-mail. Should I respond or not? What should I say? Should I meet him just for the out-loud laughableness of the whole situation? I mean, you all know how important my stories are – this could turn out to be a doozy! :D

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