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At last!

Got my ticket today. Leave Dec. 22, come back on Dec. 31 (cutting it a little close for my new tradition of Christmas in Philly and New Year's Eve in San Diego, but I'll keep my fingers crossed). And at 16 days out, got it for $422 - just a smidge over what it normally. Of course, I've almost always gotten my tickets home on sale for $250 at most, usually $200 or under, but I can live with it being the "regular" price. And if I somehow find a significantly less price than that, I can always change tickets - I got it on America West's website.

Not a great day at work - got a lot of work done, but got a not-so-subtle reminder that I'm behind on a few things. We're all chalking it up to the recent trip I needed to get one of my bosses ready for that sucked up all of my time, and poor communication on how things are coming along. Still, things are cleared up, and we'll avoid that in the future. I am looking forward to the time, however, when I drop this second temporary boss - handling one is bad enough, but having a second, who is in another building no less, is more than a little frustrating.

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