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And we haven't even had the party yet!

With many thanks to samuraimeg & Chris, I give you the housewarming gift I've been squeeing over since it arrived this afternoon:

I bought bread JUST for the occasion. :D THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I'll think of you every time I annoy Q singing in the morning! (I've never used a gift registry before, so it's nice to know it actually works!)

We also got the aforementioned pots and pans and lamp from Edward, and one of Q's co-workers gave us an old set of dishes, teacups and glasses to tide us over (we're planning on Fiestaware!), plus a brand new rice cooker and food processor she never used. Yay! We still need lots more stuff (and went out shopping tonight to get a few more necessities), but it's soooooo nice that people are thinking of us. AWWWWWW!
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