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All the juicy details!

Mmmm, ok - I've kept you in suspense long enough. ;)

So Monday everything went ok with Dad, although I need to check in on him and Mom today. After work I went shopping at Target and bought lots of keen ordinaries, and then spent most of the evening doing laundry (whoopee) and catching up on stuff.

Whew! I know you've all been waiting for that exciting update. Thanks for reading! :D

Fine, fine - had my date Tuesday with Quincy. :D

His car was in the shop, so I picked him up at his place and we went to Sanfilippo's for dinner (yummy hole-in-the-wall Italian place). Damn he's funny! We had each other cracking up the whole time. He's a huge Margaret Cho fan, and can quote both "I'm The One That I Want" and "Notorious C.H.O." almost as well as I can quote Monty Python and Star Trek. Also found out he's wicked smart - he may be a club kid, but there is some serious depth under the fun. Afterwards we went to David's for coffee, then when I dropped him off at his place he invited me in to see his artwork - yes, boys and girls, the boy is talented as well, drawing some very fine comic artwork. You can see some of it here:

And not only did I find out what a good artist he was, but I also found out what a good kisser he was... and then I went home. :D

(What, you were expecting lurid details? Well, there weren't any, but even if there were, I wouldn't be telling you! Well, maybe not. OK, well, maybe, depending. Oh, alright, fine - I'd tell you everything. How can I resist those puppy dog eyes?)

So what do I know about him? Sexy, funny, smart, warm, gifted, and boy do we click. 28, currently active Navy as a corpsman, born in central California (deep down, he's really a Valley girl), spent some time in the Philippines and Chicago, and he's been here about a year and really started coming out towards the end of last year. Had a few not-so-successful relationships, took some downtime for himself, and now he's ready to date again.

And it looks like I might be the lucky guy. Wow. Happy day. :D

For the curious, yes, Yudi and I have discussed this. He thinks me and Q make a good match. Yudi and I will always be close and always have a bond, but we figured out months ago that we weren't meant to be a mated couple. Now I just need to ease Daniel into this possible idea, because I think he and Q could get along quite well. And since most people assume Yudi and I are still a couple (we still do a lot together and can be very affectionate with each other), I'll just have to fuck with people's heads and say we're in a 3-way relationship - even though both Yudi and Q are as non-sticky rice as you can get. ;)

Of course, the real question is, is Q going to be able to find my LiveJournal or not? ;)

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