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The past week or so

Haven't updated in a while, so here's some highlights:

  • Made our usual Wednesday trip to Waldorf last week, only this time we brought along a new friend, Greg, who is a basic training friend of Steve's and just got assigned here. He's a gas, and I think he'll fit in nicely with our little band of friends.

  • Quincy had a wedding to go to in Florida this weekend, so I dropped him off at the airport Friday night (having a fight along the way, as usual, since he still hasn't quite grasped the fact that I'm late all the time - silly boy!). The wedding was nice, and he got to see old friends, his fag hag, and spend a day at Epcot.

  • After dropping him off I had a lovely dinner with gingy and weirddave, who also invited av8rmike as well. I got to meet the chatty Matthew and happy baby Jimmy, and was quite happy to finally meet gingy (oookies to you, babe!). T'was a delicious dinner and fun conversation, and we'll definitely stop by again (next time with Q!).

  • Since I was halfway there anyway having dropped Q off at the airport, I decided to keep going and head up to Mom's for the weekend. Got in late Friday after dinner, and Saturday I helped her put away the Christmas decorations and do some other things around the house. Some family drama (Good Sister needs to stop being so stubborn sometimes), but we got over it and went up to her house for my niece's birthday dinner (which was actually Tuesday, but her older brother was going back to college the next day). My mother was once again reminded she can no longer drive at night, but that shouldn't be a big issue in the future, thankfully. Sunday we did more around the house, and we went out to dinner at Olive Garden.

  • Monday I was up bright and early and picked Q up at the airport (after a late-night argument about him taking an earlier flight - silly boy, thinking I could get up earlier!). Popped into Dupont for lunch, then hit Pentagon City mall for a while until we were way too tired and drove home. I crashed around 8 pm I was so wiped.

  • So this week has been concerted job hunting, including applications at several places and me printing out a stack of resumes to take with me by hand around town. I'm officially out of money, so the job hunt is in earnest now. I'm going to take whatever I can get at this point, but keep looking for an event planner job and keep my fingers crossed (and I'm hoping to hear about MY JOB this week - I wish they'd just save themselves the trouble and give it to me already!).

  • No updates on a house, and we're talking about looking for a rental for the time being as we're both tired of living under someone else's roof and want our own space.

  • I do believe I'm being dragged off to DC this weekend for dancing and such. Ugh. (urban_bohemian, come keep me company!)
That's it. I'm up too late. Time for bed. 'Nite!
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