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OK, so finally here are the answers to my "Top 5 meme" entry:

wasabi asked: Top Five Cosmic Wishes Usable Only By You (No "World Peace" etc.)

  1. A house
  2. The perfect job for me
  3. A fit, healthy body
  4. I liked more kinds of food (vegetables, for example)
  5. The ability to teleport
akirashima asked: Top FIve Ways to Lose Sainity!

  1. Hang out with you more
  2. Reading The Eye of Argon repeatedly
  3. Get involved in fandom politics
  4. Look into the Forbidden Eye
  5. Cthulu, Cthulu, Cthulu!
minotaurs asked: Top 5 fictional guys you want to snog.

  1. Harry Kim, Star Trek: Voyager
  2. Agent Sandoval, Earth: Final Conflict
  3. Any one of Sean-Z's creations
  4. Almost any one of Joe Phillips' creations
  5. Shang, Mulan
mikhalmc asked: What are the top five things you would do if you were given control of the next Star Trek Movie.

  1. Fire Berman & Braga. Then have them shot. Then burned. Then frozen in liquid nitrogen and dropped off the Empire State Building. Then shot again.
  2. Hire J. Michael Straczynski to write a kick-ass story
  3. Hire someone else to write the screenplay (notably the dialogue)
  4. Get Picard, Janeway and Sisko all involved in the plot
  5. Redeem Wesley, just 'cause Wil Wheaton is a cool guy
nazcr asked: Top five reasons why "I only understand you"

  1. You understand why I have to do my hair before we go out
  2. Niles, OH
  3. "I'm drunk, get out!"
  4. Rehoboth Beach, DE
  5. "Who are we going to drop off first?"
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