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House update

So we went up to Quincy's Uncle Ben today and signed the paperwork to make the bid on the house (and from there headed to Ikea full of new homeowner giddiness). It's been on the market for a month with no bids, and we're offering the asking price, but asking for concessions elsewhere (such as the seller paying closing costs), so it'll all work itself out. If all goes as planned they'll accept tonight or tomorrow, and we'll be able to get the ball rolling before Uncle Ben leaves for the Philippines on Thursday for a 3-week vacation, and settle on February 24.

So, the house:

It's a townhouse, on the end of a 4-home building at the entrance to the cul du sac. It's got a big front yard, and the side and back yard are fenced in. The front door opens into a small dining room (which is just as well, as I doubt we'll use it much), which connects to a decent-sized kitchen (with adequate counter and cabinet space), and then through to a large living room (plenty of room for gaming, yay!), with a half bath in the hallway. Upstairs it's got 3 bedrooms and a full bath. (We're planning on using one bedroom as a guest room, and the other as an office.) And we really like the neighborhood - clean, on a quiet street, and it looks like more owners than renters live there.

The house is in good condition, although it's been used as a rental property (including the current tenant who will be given 30 days notice) so it needs some cosmetic repair work (and of course Quincy is following through on his plan to paint each room a different color of the rainbow, making it "Pride House," and the downstairs and upstairs bathrooms will have a Human Rights Campaign equal sign and gay pride rainbow motif, respectively). Virtually nothing has been done to the yards, so I'm looking forward to doing a little yard work (although very little - I want to put in a border and plant a tree or two, but that's it - cutting the grass will be enough of a pain in the ass). Other than those minor things, we're happy with it, and consider ourselves lucky as it was literally the first house we looked at.

Of course Quincy is having a ball looking at furniture, fabrics and paint samples... and so am I! :D We'll let you know how things go. Glee!
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