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Weekend update

Haven't updated in a while, so I guesss I should, since I had a fun weekend.

Last week was pretty boring overall since I'm jobless and Quincy was in Texas for training. All last week and this week I'm finding myself running on a nighttime schedule, which isn't good when I need to do some things during the day (like renew my driver's license, for example).

The weekend was good, though. Friday I placed a call to the job that I'm going to get to make sure they got my resume and to see if they had any questions about it (and showing them how diligent I am to boot). As the director's secretary said, "That bird isn't close to being cooked yet," so I get the impression they're not going to move on things until after the holidays. Ah, well - so be it. I'm also keeping my eyes open for other jobs, but there isn't much for my qualifications, alas.

So after that I picked up Silvia and Steve, met up with Matthew, and we headed to Reagan airport to pick up Q. From there we went to the hotel, had something to eat at IHOP, then they dragged me into DC to go to Apex, a gay dance club. Bleh. But they seemed to enjoy themselves, and they don't drag me out that often, so I survived (although I was getting antsy when they said they stayed open until 4:00 am, not 2;00 am, but we left around 3:00 am). From there it was back to the hotel where Steve and Matthew crashed, Silvia and Quincy took a shower, and then I drove them to BWI so they could head out (Silvia to Texas for her family, Quincy to Sacramento for his). I ended up back at the hotel around 6:00 am, and crashed for a few hours.

Steve, Matthew and I checked out at noon, grabbed breakfast, and then Matthew had to head back so he could go to work. Steve and I decided we needed to get some shopping done, so into Dupont Circle we went. We both picked up some great stuff, and ended up meeting Edward at Starbucks so he could give us our presents early (even though we're planning on exchanging after the new year - Edward's an odd bird). Sadly, all the plans I had to meet up with urban_bohemian were for naught, as our schedules just couldn't mesh. That's like the third time we've missed each other, but I'm sure he's not avoiding me. (Or is he???)

From there it was grab food, drive home, and crash. I was still up until all hours Saturday night, and it made my sleeping schedule all wonky on Sunday to the point where I kept getting tired and taking little naps. Ugh.

So today I didn't get enough done, but I must do some last minute things tomorrow since I'm hoping to head up to my mom's on Wednesday since we both have some last minute shopping to do, and she hates to shop, so I have to drag her out to git 'er done. Then Friday it's the Annual Margibtinlin Christmas Party & Board Meeting (aka the Medians' Christmas party) at suba_al_hadid's, then my good sister's on Sunday, then back to DC to pick up Silvia and Quincy on Monday (and since there's a 9 hour difference between their flights, I might end up picking up urban_bohemian, too).

So much to do, so much to do...
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