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Wednesday update

OK, so, apparently, if you don't live in Baltimore, you don't exist in Maryland (or at least that's what and all the temp agencies seem to believe). Harumph. Still, a few local websites have a lead or two, so hopefully I won't have to end up working at Blockbuster or Wal*Mart.

Called unemployment to see why I haven't gotten a hearing date yet, and they said it takes 6-8 weeks. Gah. I should have a job by then! But then if I get approved that means many weeks of back pay. Hooray for lump sum payments! :D

Quincy called and yelled at me today. Harumph! Bad Quincy. Foo.

Had dinner with Matthew at Bob Evans, and it seems the little crush he has on Steven might hinder future hanging outs. Bah. I realize the choices are slim down here, but damn, let's not screw up a brand new friendship over your libido, aight?

Other than that, a productive day of downloading a PDF converter so I can e-mail my resume more easily, job hunting, doing dishes, and getting ready for the next few days (tomorrow is Silvia's birthday party, Friday I go pick up Quincy, only to drop him off again Saturday morning, Sunday I may go to church, and Monday Matthew may take me to his Christmas party, and then there's that whole CHRISTMAS thing, which is next week already, OMG).

So, yeah. And I'm up too late. Whee!

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