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Happy 4th!

Or at least what's left of it. :)

Yesterday was good, if a little busy at work, but I skipped lunch and they let us go at 3:00. I'm slowly moving more and more stuff into my new office, so I got a little more done. It was a short week after leaving early Monday, leaving early yesterday and having off today. Ended up having a nice dinner with David at Jimmy Carter's and then met Pat, Johnny, Scott and Yudi at the Living Room for Uno. It was so good to catch up with David again, and although he's still trying to overcome his illness, I've never seen anyone handle it with quite the grace and aplomb he does - he never ceases to impress me, and if I'd moved to Toronto way back when I think it would have been great to have him as my best friend.

Noel keeps calling me - so cute. :) And Johnny called me back, but had to cut the conversation short because he was at work, then never called me back. Methinks I have a flake here - bah. But I talked to Quincy and he decided to take me up on my offer and come over for the BBQ and fireworks - glee!

So today I slept in late, got up, showered, and we had people - David, Quincy, Yudi, Travis & Tara, Daniel, and his old boyfriend Josh who he recently reconnected with (no Ben - off at some furmeet). We BBQ'd up some good eats, then the boys and T&T went to Legoland while the rest of us stayed behind and played Apples to Apples. At some point Daniel had an attack of the inadequecies, so he left to go self-psychoanalyze. Meanwhile Josh had a great time - he's in his early 30's and is discovering that, yes, it would be better if he were actually out and living his life rather than trying to live in the closet. We ended up having a half party, half support group as he asked many and various questions of us (particularly of Quincy and Yudi, as they're both Pacific Islander like him). It was fun, and I think it was pretty positive for him to meet such interesting, not-shallow, supportive gay guys like us - I think we'll be seeing a lot more of him.

Watched the Mira Mesa fireworks (which were actually pretty good) from the backyard, ate some more, and watched "Charlie's Angels." I invited Quincy to stay, but no luck. :( Still, I owe him a proper date for changing plans so I could see David, so I'll make it up to him. :)

Tomorrow it's coffee and the Balboa Park picnic with LYC, and Sunday's plans are up in the air.

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