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Happy fuckin' holidays!

For those of you under the mistaken impression that there is some kind of war on Christmas, I present to you:

Fuck Christmas.

Quite enlightening.


Dec. 15th, 2005 06:54 pm (UTC)
You still haven't made a point.

Jayna Davis wrote a painstakingly researched book (the research might be crap, but it's definitely thorough). John Gibson extrapolates this book into a government conspiracy theory, claiming George W. Bush is some sort of valiant rebel who is using this information to drive his foreign policy while the rest of the government ignores and supresses it.

If you want to show that John Gibson isn't a crackpot, you have to analyze what he said, and the claims of Davis' book, not just link back to it. You'll also have to refute his statements that if Rove outed Plame he should be given a medal. I guess national security isn't national security sometimes.

As for the anti-Jewish rant? I don't think there's any global War on the Jewish War on Christmas anymore. Note I said "anymore." If you look back to previous "War on Christmas" episodes, the John Birch Society and Henry Ford each lead wars on the "War on Christmas" and these were strongly anti-semetic efforts.

This time, not so much. This time it's a war on secularism (strange, as "Christmas is a secular holiday" is so strong an argument in favor now), and Jews are just another facet in the grand secular conspiracy against Christmas.

Still, when Gibson, in his own words, says the wagers of the war on Christmas are not just Jewish people methinks I see some scapegoating going on. When O'Reilly tells a Jewish caller, calling in during a segment decrying the secularization of Christianity, talking about the parallels with the secularization of Judaism, but feeling that the Christmas machine is an attempt to convert him, if you are really offended, you gotta go to Israel then, I see a bit of "good Jew, bad Jew."

The fact that there is a Jewish organization that has hopped on the bandwagon doesn't change what Gibson, O'Reilly and some of the other political and media figures banging the "War on Christmas" drum are saying. It just strikes me as "We're the good Jews, they're the bad Jews, and they're not talking about us"

If you want to make the point that Gibson and O'Reilly aren't making anti-Jewish statements, you have to show that all those radio recordings and video appearances where they make anti-Jewish statements are fake, not throw up a Jewish organization who supports them as a smoke-screen.

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