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OK, I may slack off now since I was productive today, even after staying up way too late last night reading,, and other such useless intarweb sites. So nyeh.

Tweaked my resume yet again and sent it out to two places at St. Mary's College. I wasn't sure about them at first, but after reviewing their website and seeing not only that they're a secular school (St. Mary's is the county we live in), but they're non-discriminatory and have an LGBT student group. So we'll see if I fit what they need (then again I'm thinking, how many overly qualified people do they have down here in the middle of nowhere? By that reason alone I ought to have a good shot). Next up is to keep sending it out to other places, but the hard part is done.

I also did a little shopping, including picking up a congrats card for my old boss's new baby girl, and then I ate at Chik-Fil-A, baby! (I was going to visit our friend Matthew at Bob Evans but they were closed - bah!)

Quincy is still in Dallas. I miss him. Last night they went out to a steakhouse for dinner, and tonight they went shopping at a mall, and I think tomorrow he's going out with a friend to the clubs (God forbid he not go out clubbing wheneve he can). He's staying at some kind of big luxury resort for this training, so they have lots of stuff to do, although he complained that the gym was too crowded at 6:00 this morning. Ugh. I don't get that boy.

Anywho, um, that's it. :D

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