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Inconsiderate friends. BAH!

ADDED 7/6/03: OK, after talking with David, it turns out the medication he's been on has been seriously fucking him up - to the point of amnesia - so he wasn't actually capable of thinking ahead. Therefore, keep in mind the rant below was written before I knew this. That'll teach me to give someone the benefit of the doubt. :)


OK, David, if you knew you were coming to San Diego for weeks, and we haven't seen each other in like 3 years, and you really wanted to get together, why do you wait until the day you got here to call me, then leave me an indescipherable message with a hotel that doesn't exist and a phone number that doesn't work so I can't call you back? That was Sunday. It's Thursday. And now your "schedule is full," so you can only see me tonight, when you had LOTS of time earlier in the week when we could have gotten together, like, a LOT?

I know you have problems, dear, but really, you couldn't have dropped me an e-mail? I mean, I'm possibly heading to Toronto for Worldcon in September, and I do believe I'd already dropped you an e-mail about that, yes? That you didn't respond to? (And if I'm wrong and I didn't, I've thought about it enough and/or put it on my list of things to do soon that I think I might have already done it, which means I, unlike you, think ahead when I want to spend time with someone.) Or did you figure we'd talk about it while you were here - on the trip you didn't bother to tell me you were taking? Some of us have busy lives, you know, and like to plan more than 5 minutes ahead.

But I do want to see you, so I'm cancelling on Quincy to have dinner with you. You're getting an earful, but I'm still glad I'll get to see you.


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