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Christmas decisions

Well Q has decided not to call his mother (knowing she'd never say I could come), but he's decided to go to his sister's without me. I told him he should do whatever he feels he needs to do, but I won't tell him what to do, and I won't be mad with whatever he decides. I'm a little disappointed, but I also understand he's got some work to do on his family (plus I'd hoped if did go he wouldn't go for the whole week, but that's what he wants to do). Plus it's not so much he's going for his sister, he's going to see his brother and his niece and nephew, and I can't deny him that. I'm hoping he takes the time he's there to sit his family down and start the process of working this out, otherwise we're just going to keep going through it over and over again.

It's frustrating - I can tell he's at a crossroads. His family is essentially making him choose between me and them, and no matter what he does, they'll turn it around and make it out to be his fault.


Merry fucking Christmas.

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