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Update for a Wednesday afternoon

OK, so been very bad about keeping up, both with my own journal and everyone else's. If something major happened recently that I need to know about, comment now. PLZKTHNX.

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving. Wednesday it snowed, but didn't stop us from heading to Waldorf for his comics and to meet with his uncle to talk houses. Thursday we went to his uncle's again for dinner - many people, lots of food, and I was the only white boy in the house. Friday we drove up to my mom's and stayed there, then Saturday we went up to my sister's for another turkey dinner. I did a bunch of stuff around the house for my mom over the weekend, and then Sunday we took her out shopping at Concord Mall where she bought body glitter - go Mom! Monday and Tuesday night were spent sewing patches on Q's uniforms for his inspection this morning. I felt like a Boy Scout.

No job yet, but submitted the appeal for unemployment, which I really doubt they'll grant, so I keep looking. I will likely settle for something retail for the time being, which will suck but I will live until something better comes along. Tonight we're heading up to Waldorf again and we'll stop by his uncle's to talk to him about the status of the mortgage and when we can start looking at places. Q still has to decide what he wants to do about Christmas, which is another whole mess there, but we're still deliriously happy together, so it's all for the best. :)


Dec. 1st, 2005 07:48 am (UTC)
No job yet, but submitted the appeal for unemployment, which I really doubt they'll grant, so I keep looking.

Your relationship cannot be recognized by the government! You had the perfectly good option of staying in SD and kept your job instead of moving across the country with your "friend"!

Excuse me, I need to go wash my mouth out with battery acid now. (Or, rather, my hands, since I typed that.)

I know a guy on TrekBBS whose partner is from Iceland, and Immigration refused to extend his work visa. So they both packed up and moved from L.A. to Iceland, despite the fact that they were the primary caregivers for the American's grandmother.

Maybe we should invade. (Though if the Conservatives win the election in January, they've promised to revisit the same-sex marriage laws. Boo.)
Dec. 1st, 2005 07:33 pm (UTC)
The United States of Canada!

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