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My domesticated life

I'm guessing the switchover from Seattle to San Francisco has caused me not to get any e-mail notifications of posts to my LJ. I'm sure I'll get them all in a rush at some point. :)

This week was fairly slow. He goes to work, I sleep in until he comes home for lunch, then putz around the house and online (still looking for a job, but also enjoying taking a break, and starting work on the art pimping biz at the same time). After work he usually heads to the gym for a couple of hours, and when he gets home we go get something to eat and sometimes stop somewhere to shop or pick up whatever we need. Wednesdays we head to Waldorf so he can pick up his comics for the week, and I think next week we may stop and see Harry Potter while we're there (since Waldorf has a better movie theater than Lexington Park).

Last night we went to the grand opening of the new local Best Buy and picked up some CDs to keep us entertained (Q got an iPod nano when he got back from Iraq so he's been having much fun with it). After that we went to Outback and had the worst service EVAR, but we got free desserts out of it and a free appetizer the next time we go in (it was that bad).

Boring day. Q's at an all-day party for a co-worker who's going to another base, which is good. We need to spend time apart, especially since some of his friends are starting to feel neglected since I moved into town, but they'll adjust. Meanwhile I slept in and have been fooling around online all day, including hacking his NetFlix account so we can watch some movies that *I* want to see. (I'll spare him the Broadway musicals - for now.) Tomorrow we're going to see his uncle about the mortgage and houses and stuff, and probably hit the MCC service in Annapolis.

And that's about it. :)

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