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So anyway...

Although there was a moment of worry there, turns out Yudi got 100% of the loan and the offer on the house is in, so now it's just wait and see. I had a nice coffee date last night with Noel, who seems... interesting. :) Tomorrow night I have dinner with Quincy. Tonight is gaming.

And my computer's all fucked up today at work. I booted up and it told me my profile was corrupt, and IT can neither recover it (which means all my settings are lost, including mapped printers, desktop settings, IE bookmarks, access to e-mail, etc.) nor make any new settings stick, so something is definitely wrong. Ugh. And it's a busy week this week.

Woody called and said he'd work with Sandra and Jim to do something for G'con at Westercon. That's helpful, but I'm still irked. I NEED A PUBLICITY PERSON, DAMMIT.

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