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The weekend in Philly

I suppose I should post about our fabulous weekend excursion to Philly to see friends and family. :)

Q worked a slightly later shift last week, so by the time he got home, packed, and we made a couple of stops, it was about 7:00 pm. we'd hoped to get up there to have a late dinner with Mom, but that just wasn't in the cards, especially when we hit construction above Baltimore, so we did stop for food before we left. We finally got up there about 10:30 pm, and of course Mom and I yakked for a few hours until we finally went to sleep.

Friday morning we got up, had breakfast, and I decided to take Mom shopping at the local mall, Granite Run. She fussed and whined about having to actually leave the house (plus she hates shopping), but we had fun nonetheless. Then we came home, had the dinner she'd made the night before but saved for us (chicken and dumplings - yum!), then she went off to bowling. Quincy and I went to Tom Jones restaurant in Brookhaven and met up with some of the Medians - yay! Got to see Tommy, Steve, Lee, Penni (suba_al_hadid), Pamela & Brian and their baby Aiden, who was remarkably well behaved given how cranky he seemed to be. T'was quite fun, and I really do miss my friends in Philly (who I'll thankfully be able to see a little more often, at least for the next couple of years).

Quincy gave me puppy dog eyes, so I let him drag me out into Center City to go clubbing. (Steve noted he'd never seen me balk at going out clubbing before, but, as we all noted, we old now.) First we hit Woody's, where much to my delight they still do two-stepping on Friday nights until 11. I saw a couple of faces I recognized in the crowd (and one recognized me back), but sadly they still had the same awful DJ, who was still playing the same songs in the same order as when I was there over 5 years ago. Ugh. Then we decided to check out 12th Air Command, where lo and behold it was Jaded Lounge, the monthly Asian night! w00t! Score for me! (As Quincy said, "I don't feel special anymore!") So we wandered around for a bit, waiting for the drag show to start, when I hear my name called, turn around, and it's Dr. Giang! (He's the guy I had been dating for a year and a half, and then broke up with him to move to San Diego.) He was there on a whim with his partner, Sean, and the four of us ended up talking for over an hour. It was really very nice to see him again and see him happy, and they invited us to see their new place in West Philly sometime, which I hope to do. Finally we headed home and crashed.

Saturday we were supposed to be up at 10 but slept until 11 (I blamed jet lag, but no one bought it), and then we headed over to my mom's friends' place, William & Marlene's. They were having the second of several yard sales to get rid of the copious amount of stuff they have so they can sell their place and move to Florida. (Mom had helped them earlier in the week get stuff ready.) Marlene is as big of a Disney freak as I am, so I enjoyed looking at what she was selling. In the end we ended up buying about $50 worth of stuff, but that included a microwave for $5, and a lot of gifts for other people. Marlene's also infamous for feeding people, so we walked away quite stuffed.

On the way home Mom drove us by the house her brother is having built, since it was on the way, and he and his wife were there looking around, so we got the grand tour. My uncles are notorious for spending money they don't have, so it was interesting to see this huge 4-bedroom house with solarium, conservatory, library, and full-sized finished basement (plus all the "extras" he kept pointing out to us, including the price), while bragging that he paid $800K for it when it's now worth $1M. He then insisted on taking us through the model home, although we really weren't that interested. Finally we pulled ourselves away and headed home.

My sister was going to come down, have dinner with us, and take my mom to the movies, but she got stuck in traffic on the Blue Route so she ended up turning around and heading home. Instead we cooked up some spaghetti, I made a few phone calls (including keeping Kevin [magus_nascitur] company while he put most of the rest of my stuff into my storage unit, Daniel [adventdragon], and Joe [jsciv]), we packed our stuff, and headed out again. We swung into Philly again and hit Key West, which is just as lame as it ever was, although there was a Philly Bears event going on and there were lots of guys walking around in their underwear, so that was mildly entertaining (and it made us feel thin). After that we went to 12th Air Command again (it was under 21 night, so now we felt OLD) and Quincy had a couple of drinks and we got our dance on for a bit. We were planning on hooking up with Brian (urban_bohemian) for a while, but he got trapped in Hetero Hell and never made it in. (We'll make up for it next time we're in DC, we promise!)

Finally we got back on 95 and headed north, past New Hope into NJ, and got to our friends Brian & Gabbo's in Ewing (after a very surreal side trip to get gas in Bristol, and then we ended up in Burlington - very strange). We didn't get there until after 2 am, but Brian was just getting home from work anyway, and Gabbo is an amazing night owl (and may have convinced me to start playing World of Warcraft!). Once they had a few drinks, we all ended up talking until 6 am.

We finally went to sleep and got up sometime in the afternoon on Sunday, and Brian made us waffles for breakfast (he was going to make us lunch or dinner, but it just didn't work out that way). We ended up hopping back down to New Hope to walk around and do some shopping, and I'm sooooooo happy that it hasn't changed at all over the past 6 years (only 1 Starbucks, but no other chain stores - yay!). We had a fabulous dinner at Mother's (Brian got their last serving of wild boar), and then it was time to head home. We finally rolled in around 12:30 am, tired but happy after a nice, busy weekend (plus we listened to Margaret Cho's latest book on tape on the ride up and back, and we love her).

So yesterday Quincy was back to work, I bummed around for the day, and afterwards we went to Target, got dinner at Bob Evans, stopped at Wal*Mart, had a little tiff in the parking lot (he's so cute!), and watched Mysterious Skin from NetFlix (Joseph Gordon-Levitt certainly expanded his range, but the movie was just ok for me).

Now I'm waiting for him to get back from the gym so we can get something for dinner. Tomorrow night we'll head up to Waldorf so he can get his comics.

Oh, also wanted to mention that I got a laptop wireless card, Microsoft Works and Serious Sam 2 from the Best Buy gift card Tom (tdilliga) gave me as a going away present (thanks, Tom!), and my honey got me more presents, namely Big Fish and Farscape: Peacekeeper Wars. Yay! I love my honey. :D

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