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Weird weekend w/bad timing

Q and I are going to visit my family and the Medians this weekend, plus a side trip to NJ to see some friends from Pennsic (including Quincy's caucasian twin). Oddly, urban_bohemian, who lives in DC where we thought we'd be seeing him first, will also be in Philly, so if Q wants to go clubbing (which of course he does) maybe we can hang out with him. And just as oddly, two friends will be in DC the one weekend we won't be - schnuder from NYC and logisticslad, from Philly! O, cruel irony! :) (If we can swing it, we may end up in DC for dinner Sunday night to say hi to them, and my other friend Mark, from Boston, who I am assuming will be in for the same neurosciences conference.)

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