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Like I need more Doper friends! Gaaaah!

Damn Dopers! Just added a bunch of folks to my friends list who have had me on theirs for a while, including celticcowboy68 (cowboy my ass, the Rennie fruitcake), dragonblink (how do we even know dragons blink, anyway?), gingy (yeah, that's right, missy!), hamadryad (ok, so is it "hamma-DRY-add," or "ha-MAH-dree-ad?"), mr_funny_man (not nearly as funny as he thinks, but whatever), opalcat (just don't try to sell me t-shirts, you wench!), oxymoronnyc (well the middle part's right), sassy (yeah, she's sassy - FOR ME TO POOP ON), sistercoyote (John's evil twin and a pain in my ass), stoid (I only use her for her boyfriend, of course), ultress (sounds like a Transformer), weirddave (some kind of Dave, that's for sure), and goddess forbid I miss that whiny bitch persephone767 who started this whole mess. Thanks a lot! Razzin'frazzin'doperjackasses...

Did I fucking miss anyone, you jackals? :D

(Upon adding these folks, I see I haven't updated my friends list in quite a while. Time for a massive update. Like I have all the time in the world to keep track of you cretins. Plebians, the lot of you! I also wonder why some people have UNfriended me - I noticed some names missing, and I also saw this:

Who's friended you today?

Enter your LiveJournal name:

script by marnanel

Interesting to see who has come in and out of my journal. Why? Did I do/say something wrong? Did you lose interest? Did you cut back on your friends list for some reason? I'd love to know why - feel free to post.)

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