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First real update from Maryland

Moving is a lot of work! :)

I do want to post a synopsis of last week's moving extravaganza, but it'll have to wait. The one thing I want to say is a huge THANK YOU to minotaurs and magus_nascitur for leaping to my rescue and helping me pack to get out of San Diego on time, as I was woefully, sadly and pathetically behind schedule and would never have gotten all my crap ready to go without their help. Plus, they and adventdragon are helping me even now that I'm gone with a few things I didn't get to in time. Thanks, guys! I really couldn't ask for better friends, and I really, really, really owe you big time.

We arrived Monday afternoon, after having little or, in my case, no sleep at all, so needless to say most of the plane ride was spent sleeping. Q's friend Edward picked us up, we got something to eat, then got his car and headed back to Lexington Park, where we promptly crashed after figuring out how to turn the gas and water back on (his roommates/landlords are away on vacation and shut everything off).

Tuesday Q went back to work and I spent the day getting his computer up and running (the router was turned off, too, plus his computer was rather virus infested, and having some recent experience I was able to clean everything up, and learned a few new tricks in the process). We had our first fabulous dinner together at Bob Evans. :)

Wednesday I spent time starting my list of things to do, and it's rather extensive. A few highlights:

  • Get a job
  • Apply for unemployment (hey, it's worth a shot, and someone told me moving out of state may qualify me)
  • Secure a place to live (we'll find out tomorrow if I can stay here or not, and if not we'll find someplace temporarily [Q has a lead at work], or I move in with Mom until we get a house)
  • Work on the art pimping biz
  • Get a new drivers license (mine expired on my birthday and I didn't even know it)
  • About a million other little things I'll think of as I go along
I did apply for UI online, cancelled my car insurance (buddykat bought my car before I left), bought a wireless card for my laptop, talked to magus_nascitur and adventdragon about the disposition of what's left of my stuff at the house, and started looking into local storage places since my stuff has arrived by train (already!).

Of course I can't post and not say how wonderful it is to be here finally. Q has been a trooper through it all, even when he was annoyed with me, and we are soooooooo happy to be together finally (even though we're ready to kill each other about every 5 minutes, but that's normal, right? RIGHT?). And to top it all off he got me a few belated birthday presents - namely seasons 4 & 5 of Babylon 5 which I was missing (this after getting me the first 3 seasons and the movies), plus the box set of Crusade, and one of my favorite movies, A Simple Plan. Wow. He's such a wonderful boyfriend. (Well, except for the fact that he's about to make me sing karaoke on the system he bought in Iraq. I'm DOOMED!)

More later, but wanted to update. Lots to do! And I miss San Diego and all my friends there already. Foo.

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