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My last day, this weekend and this week

Well, my last day at work Friday was certainly interesting...

Had the breakfast in the morning, Quincy called and we caught up (he was in Guam this past week and on Saturday headed back to the Phils for another day, and at the moment I believe he's on his way to San Diego), went to my separation appointment and got my final check in the afternoon, grabbed a quick lunch, then went back to work until about 9:00 p.m. A lot of people have said I'm a fool for staying so late on my last day, but there were things I wanted to finish as best I could before I left, and even as it is I left things undone, either passing them on to co-workers (who admittedly were more than happy to help me out) or leaving them (with explicit instructions) for my temp replacement, who I believe starts Monday. I hate leaving anything undone, because I don't want people's last impression of me to be, "Oh, well I guess he didn't finish that." Ya know? But I guess it's done and over with, and I did my best.

Everyone was very busy with the 5K run, so there are a lot of people I missed, so I'm glad I'm going back in on Wednesday. One co-worker who I'm friendly enough with not only gave me a piece of pottery she threw as a going away gift, but she really wanted to take me out to dinner or drinks when I finished up, but by the time I got home I was wiped, and I doubt I'll have time to take her up on it before I leave - oh well. Gotta prioritize.

So I didn't get too much done Friday, and went to bed way too late. Saturday was very overcast and grey, which unfortunately is perfect sleeping weather for me, so needless to say my plan to get up before noon didn't exactly happen. I had hoped to go to LYC tea and hit the fandom gathering at the Polar Den, but that wasn't happening since the break I figured I'd take to do so was eaten up by sleeping late. (Sorry, minotaurs, hope you had fun without me!) Again, went to bed way too late, but got a bit accomplished on Saturday.

Unfortunately, one of the things I accomplished was the several hours it took to download the beta of City of Villains, but I've been a good boy and only went on a couple of missions on Sunday. :D I also called the_bigbadwolf to see if his cousin was interested in my car, but turns out now. Fortuitously, however, turns out buddykat is in the market for a car, so it looks like we might be able to swing it. Yay! I get rid of my car, she gets a new(er) car, and we help each other out. Win-win!

Sunday I got up in time to head over to my hotel the Red Lion Hanalei hotel for the final Conjecture meeting. I didn't really need to be there, but I wanted to say hi to folks. And much to my delight harlkyn happened to be in Santa Ana for training and decided to come down and join me at the hotel for lunch! T'was great seeing him again, and reminded me how sad I was that he moved to the Bay Area. At least Q and I have someone to visit should we head up that way for vacation sometime.

After that it was back home, and I've spent the rest of the day packing. I've made some real headway, but I still have a bit to go. I pick up Quincy at 2:00, so he can help me finish up and make a few trips to my storage unit.

Oh, and here's the updated schedule for this week:

  • Monday - Arrives, we have some quality Q&A time. :) (We may grab some folks for dinner or clubbing, depending on how he's feeling.)
  • Tuesday - Nothing planned as of yet, but I'm thinking this may be a Daniel/Tri/household dinner out. Stacey also may come look at the car.
  • Wednesday - Going away party at work, then game night and/or chorus night.
  • Thursday - Darkstar dinner.
  • Friday - Disneyland and dinner at Downtown Disney.
  • Saturday - All-inclusive gathering somewhere (details forthcoming).
  • Sunday - LYC pot luck in the afternoon, then SDQSF gaming that night.
  • Monday - We leave!
On top of that I need to go pick up my glasses, and of course plan an afternoon for lunch and a tour of Wildstorm comics with mikhalmc, which I know Quincy will enjoy. So, yeah, we're gonna be busy, but it'll be fun.

Oh, yeah, and I need to finish packing. :D

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