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Got my boss out the door and can take a bit of a breather at work. Whew! Last week was more than a little hectic, and yesterday was just manic (including finding out that boss #2 was grumbling because I haven't been "available" to them while getting ready for this trip - a-duh?). So the next 3 days will be quiet, which means I can catch up on some work, get up to speed with boss #2, and maybe clean up my desk a little - it's a mess.

Well Loscon wasn't exactly a wash, but it wasn't what I wanted either. Seems I had a free ride at ConJose by not having a confirmed date, but the free ride is over - I only got one new membership. Still, I did a lot of good advertising and made a lot of new connections, including confirming a couple of people for my ConComm and confirming who I'm going to ask to be our Artist GoH. Still, it was a lot of work, and someone I was counting on seeing there to help me and to talk with didn't show, which was highly annoying.

Stopped at Disneyland on the way home, but none of the five people I was supposed to see were either there, available, or were accessible by cell phone, so I went on Haunted Mansion and Space Mountain, and bought a couple of Christmas presents. The Matterhorn was closed - again! I swear I haven't ridden this thing since I moved out here - it's always being "renovated." Blah.

My chew toy missed me. He's so cute. :)

Today I go pick up "Lilo and Stitch," get my hair done, and then folks are coming over to watch it with me. Whee! I LOVED this movie and can't wait to see it again. I'll probably pick up another Stitch plush while I'm there, just 'cause I can. :D

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