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A little bit jaded, a little bit rock n' roll

Stayed late last night and got a lot of stuff done. Busy today as well, will be staying late, but have my separation appointment with HR at 3:00.

Drove all the way down to Pacific Beach this morning to get four dozen of my favorite donuts, and arrived in time to help set up for the birthday breakfast. My boss made mention of my last day, but no big send-off and no mention of anything for next week. Harumph. I am jaded.

Also arrived to find a sign on my door saying, "We will miss you very much!" - and they spelled my name wrong. Yeah, feeling missed already. Bah.

On the plus side, Quincy called this morning. Yay! I love that man.

And I had two donuts for breakfast. TWO! And you can't stop me. So there.

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