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My own tarot deck!

Inspired by sistercoyote and amazonatheart:

Tarot Cards
Hermey, The Elf
Hermey, The Elf shyly gazes from a snow-covered background, but we know not why.
Divinatory Meanings: The Elf may appear benign, a card that seems to indicate unfulfilled wishes of becoming a dentist, but in truth he looks at you from behind batting eyelashes, a coquettish rogue intent on beguiling, bewitching and entrancing you, and then leaving before you wake up, when you find all your money and credit cards gone. Stealthy and wily, he's only good for a one night stand.
Reversed: You become The Elf and may find yourself in his position; deceit, lies, flattery, possibly buying someone cheap drinks at a bar.
Recommendations: When The Elf appears, consider leaving your toy-making tendencies for a new, exciting life as a dentist. Also, beware metal-ingesting prospectors, bouncing Yeti and disgruntled reindeer.

Make your own LiveJournal Tarot Card!
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