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Leaving with nary a goodbye?

Just met with my boss and the senior teammate and went over my gameplan for the next couple of days. They seem pretty twitchy about the financial stuff, which just reminds me that I actually know what I'm doing and they don't, which makes me feel needed and loved (in a sadistic sort of way - I HAVE THE POWER!). Some stuff will have to be handled by others after I leave, but they're all willing to help out with whatever I can't finish by Friday.

I have my meeting with HR Friday afternoon, and they said I'll get my final paycheck then rather than the 31st, which will help with the move and such. I also told my boss that next Wednesday afternoon would work for me and Quincy to come in for whatever kind of going away bash they were planning to throw, but she said they're going to give me a "proper send-off" on Friday morning. This, however, is kind of bugging me.

Every time someone leaves we have some kind of going away fete, be it a lunchtime "drop by for cake" thing or an end-of-day finger foods thing. We also have a monthly "birthday breakfast" when each unit in the department in turn hosts a morning gathering and we toast those who are celebrating their birthdays that month, make any office-wide announcements, etc. These are the only real office social things we do, and there are just few enough as not to get on everyone's nerves, but often enough that we actually enjoy them.

So what she seems to be implying is that the Friday breakfast (which our team is hosting this month, and it was a coincidence that it fell on my last day) is going to be a combo goodbye party.


Kinda irked about that. Not only is it inconsistent with what's been done for everyone else who's left (and most of them haven't been here as long as I have), but I don't get my own special thing (selfish, I know, but it's what I expected), the breakfasts are usually a smaller turn-out, plus it's the morning of the University's big scholarship fundraising event, a 5K run, which means a lot of people are going to be out of the office in the morning setting up for that afternoon (we even pushed the breakfast earlier than usual so more people could make it - usually they're at 9 and we're doing it at 8:15 - and that's really pushing my "not a morning person" limits, as I'm not usually even in the office until after 8:30).

So I'm not even sure exactly why we should be coming in next Wednesday. She even said to come in before our weekly team meeting, which implies, what? We'll come in, say hello, and then they'll go off to their meeting? Charming.

So yeah, kinda confused and irked and a little hurt, and it's not my place to make demands. Bah. Another co-worker suggested I do my own happy hour going away thing after work, which I may do anyway (it involves alcohol, so Q won't mind), but I figured if they were having something for me in the office I wouldn't have to.

BAH. Very not happy at my boss' quirkiness right now. No clue what she's thinking. BAH!

Edited to add: Did I mention they completely forgot my birthday a couple weeks ago? (Yes, it was on the calendar and everything.) Granted I was out sick (or "sick" in the case of Friday for Conjecture), but we've always done something - decorate the office, maybe go out to lunch together, although not necessarily a gift except for our boss - but I got nada even upon my return. Bah. Again, put to the bottom of the pile and forgotten. It reminds me of times in the past when I'd host parties for all my friends, but I always got overlooked, or nothing ever got done unless I drove it. (Any of this sound familiar, urban_bohemian? We should go commisserate sometime soon.)


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Oct. 20th, 2005 02:30 am (UTC)
You are the one in charge of planning the normal "going away events" for people leaving in your dept/team, aren't you?
Oct. 20th, 2005 04:50 pm (UTC)
Nope. I drive the birthday breakfasts in as much as I maintain the list of birthdays and talk to each unit when it's their month to make sure they've got everything covered. When it comes to the team, I help planning the business-related events, but they also have a strong hand in it, and the personal stuff is a team effort. So, no, it isn't because I'm the one that usually does it (and even if that were true, that's not really a good excuse).
Oct. 20th, 2005 07:08 am (UTC)
oh well. most everyone forgets my b-day anyway including me!
well maybe it is a surprise thing planned for you
maybe they are planning to stick a dart in your neck and fill you up[ with stimutax and make you saty there so you can feed the new addiction.
maybe in fact that are planning to in fact capture you and implant egg sacks in your navel so you can carry thier unholy brood across state line and into a new territory undetected where the spawn will hatch and feed off you and Q until they are able to defend themselves adn then they shall start a war with the dominate speices or family of creatures already in place out on the east coast. eventually you will be worshiped as a captive god. they will praise you and love you and draw power from your lifes blood. eventually you will bloat up like a giant termite queen and Q shall be your magnificent drone and together you shall control the new liniage of creatures and hold sway over all you encounter. Of xourse while still beign captive and a slave to your followers cause well thats how it works.....
Oct. 20th, 2005 04:50 pm (UTC)
(Deleted comment)
Oct. 20th, 2005 04:52 pm (UTC)
We used to do the birthdays and then somebody complained about something (I think it was that the department wouldn't reimburse them for something they brought, when that was never allowed in the first place), so the woman organizing them decided it wasn't worth the hassle. Then when we moved into our new offices we had a holiday white elephant pot luck, and suddenly everyone wanted to do the birthdays again, so I took them over and did them a little differently than before, and it's working out really well. We figure once a month isn't too much to ask as far as getting together and being a little social, and then the going away things happen as they happen, fairly irregularly (although lately we've had a lot of staff turnover, so they've been a bit more frequent).
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