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Better now

OK, feeling a little better about things tonight. Looked over my final to do list at work and realized that there are a few things I specifically need to do, and I can finish those in 3 days. The rest, if I don't finish them, can be handed over to other people with no worries. That's good. Things are still up in the air about what, exactly, is going to happen once I'm gone as far as who is going to be doing my work for my team, but, as a competent co-worker pointed out, that's not my problem anymore, is it? :) All I need to do is pick a day next week for a going away party, and I'm done. Yay!

On that productive note, plus getting a few things done today at work, I came home and got some things packed, and feel good about that. It's amazing what you can get done when you don't turn on the computer or TV, isn't it? :)

So a quick update, and back to pack another box.

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