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Quincy's visit

So I'm working on a schedule of events for when Quincy is in town (many thanks to minotaurs for the suggestion of several smaller gatherings rather than one big massive one). Here's what I have so far:

  • Monday 10/24 - Quincy arrives
  • Tuesday 10/25 -
  • Wednesday 10/26 - Gaming
  • Thursday 10/27 - Darkstar dinner
  • Friday 10/28 - Disneyland (tentative)
  • Saturday 10/29 -
  • Sunday 10/30 - LYC pot luck, SDQSF gaming
  • Monday 10/31 - We leave
Somewhere in there we also have to fit in time with his chorus friends, a party at work for me, any other friends we're missing that don't fall into any of those categories, finishing packing me up, and of course probably every night he'll want to go out clubbing.

If anyone wants to see us that week, let me know, and let me know when (like you'll make one of those things listed, or I need to schedule something else).

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