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Thursday update

Picked up my glasses today (which were evidently ready last week but no one bothered to call to tell me). They look great! Unfortunately they forgot to put in the sun-sensitive tinting, so I have to take them back to get redone tomorrow. Oh well.

A few belated birthday presents have arrived. The Good Sister sent me some Tastykakes, and Myke and John got me some Mad Libs and make-your-own Apples to Apples cards. Hee! Fun.

6 days of work left to do 7 big projects. I may go in over the weekend to clean out some of my personal stuff.

Oh, and Yudi bailed on going out to dinner tonight for our birthdays. Bah. Hopefully I'll be able to catch him next week. Meanwhile I'm still working on the schedule for Quincy's visit the week after - hopefully we'll be able to catch as many people as possible.

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