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A fun-filled Saturday

So I went and ordered a pair of glasses today with minotaurs since he had a camera phone and could send pictures to Quincy for his approval. These are the first pair of glasses I've had since high school, when I started wearing contacts.

I think I made a good choice, and Quincy agreed. (As Stuart said, it's not like he or I would be the ones looking at me, it would be Quincy.)

Afterwards we had much fun at a gaming afternoon with SDQSF, then dinner with Stuart, magus_nascitur, his wife, her wife, and Saul, then home to continue efforts to get the spyware off my computer (with limited success).

Tomorrow afternoon Quincy leaves for 2 weeks in the Philippines, then a week in Guam, then a week here, then we leave. Yay! Can't wait to see him (even though he continues to drive me batty - damn snarky love!).

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